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This is not our Country

This is not our Country. Where injustice is tolerated in exchange for creature comforts doled out by a heartless regime, a faceless machine rolling in circles carving a hole, digging a grave burying deeper the shrapnel of our dreams, Our … Continue reading

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Waste Management

I am the center of the drain, The bottom of the suck. The world passes through me and I collect the detritus: The unwanted Stems and rinds and egg shells, Clumps of hair and worry, paint chips, Broken glass and … Continue reading

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A Troubled Refrain

These red rocks rise out of an ocean of powdered sugar, Immense swells of earth frozen into a frothy storm of rock and clay, ice and snow, past and present. These petrified fortresses guard the secrets of Time; God’s quietest … Continue reading

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