brokeMC is a freelance artist, musician, writer, and designer living in Brooklyn, New York.

His visual art explores slanguange and evolves portraiture.  His “Saints” series, begun in 2010 with “Saint Kevorkian,” extols modern icons as symbols of transcendence.  Included in this series are Frida Kahlo (Stencil work), Billie Holiday, Biggie Smalls, Gene Wilder, and more.  In the background of many of these works are “freestyles” painted in calligraphic handstyles.  His experience as a poet and Hip Hop MC inform his process of painting, and the inclusion of these improvised poems create a vibrant backdrop for his portraits and studies.

His most recent stencil series “Sinking Ships” considers the many follies of modern society, culture, and capitalism through the spyglass of sinking sea vessels.  Though initially dark in their outlook, the hope lies in their lingering buoyancy and the beauty implicit in even life’s darkest moments.

He has toured the U.S. and Canada as the rap artist brokeMC with such talented and soulful artists as Domer, The Metermaids, Undakova, Bisc1, Swordplay, MINDSpray, DJ Halo, DJ Spliff, DJ Milkmoney, and more.

He has collaborated on three plays with the Subjective Theatre Company.  As well as had readings for his work with the Meat and Bone Theatre Company, Tiny Rhino, and Scarlet Fox Letter Press Salon Series.  He has also written and sold several screenplays and a book for a musical.

His play “That’s My Moonbeam!” is being produced as part of FringeNYC’s 2016 Theatre Festival at the Player’s Theatre in NYC’s West Village.

He is the Hip Hop Editor for the DELI Magazine, based out of NYC.

His band Deathrow Tull is raising a ruckus in the NYC indie music scene.

His first novel, Welcome to the Ghost Port, is nearing completion.  In it a young girl who experiments with an illegal technology which allows her to astral project returns to find that her body is missing and the facility has burned to the ground.  As she frantically searches for where her body went, we also follow her best friend’s search for her, as well as the story of the family who sold her body and why.

Commissioned works – plays, scripts, videos, paintings, poems, articles, videos, and music – are welcome!


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