Looking Deeper

I think about your eyes
And how they drink up the world;
How all these Flashes of beauty, orchestral movements, these saturated montages are folded up and secreted away.

And the world that you’ve accumulated inside you is a place I dream to know.
And I wonder
Where do all these vital fragments travel to when they disappear into your eyes?

Do they shoot straight to your heart,
An electric current of staggering magnitude,
To shake you and warm you,
To stir you with tingling awareness?

Was I ever one of those?
And how long did I reverberate,
Riccocheting through those magnificent chambers?

Are there pieces of me there still,
Shrapnel embedded in those tender tissues,
Vibrating with your more significant breaths?

I would be content to live there
Peering up at the distant light
filtering in through your cautious corneas,
Letting your visions float down to me
Like leaves in fall, like flower petals in Spring,
Like wishes, tiny yet profound.

I would gather them there in the
Warm shadows of your left ventricle,
Wheat paste them all around me and fall in love
With everything you fall in love with.

I wonder this when I fall into your eyes.
I wonder where I’m going, and I wonder
How long you would let me live there.

Because there are already pieces of you inside me,
and their celebrated permanence is as real as anything I’ve ever laid eyes upon.


About brokeMC

Artist: Graphic Design, Audio Production, Photo and Film Production and Editing, Painting, Writing, and all other manner of creative indulgence. and my moonwalk is ill.
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1 Response to Looking Deeper

  1. Ohhh I liked this. Favorite line was “Are there pieces of me there still,
    Shrapnel embedded in those tender tissues.” So vivid, cutting yet, soft and passionate of long lost love. I wonder that myself sometimes about a certain person.
    great poem

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