Stand Up Together

It’s been a lot of hard work draggin my shadow through the dirt, through the outskirts of humanity—couch-surfing to infinity,

and my mouth hurts from the profanity.
There’s a Profane amount of vanity

infesting these roaches and assorted vermin
Talkin to mirrors candidly yet making no mention of the atrophy.

It’s my slap-happy catastrophy and I laugh in the face of apathy.
I pinch the cheeks of the cavalry and tickle the feet of the casualties—
If they got ‘em!  Big top Jetsam and Flotsam.
The stock market’s as hostile as trading
small pox blankets for your wampum.

Playin the fool or playin possum,
play your hand or keep on walkin
The line.  Either a pauper or a robber,
deep pockets lined with genocide

Slash and burner with cash to earn in a
Gotham City Nightmare on Wall Street
with Freddy Madoff’s razor five finger discount –

faulty wiring leads to four alarm fires, and a crumbling empire
where the ghosts in the rubble whisper tales of another life’s desires.

Out of sight and out of mind, dancing across the power lines –
Electric boogaloo through the loop de loop deception and sour times;

Eyes locked with a Cyclops dressed in Armani gear and high tops
And I’ll play him for the coward he is before I smack his smile off.

It’s a sorry state of affairs full of the starry eyed disaffected
While I stay passionate and savage,
a master of my own enchantments

It’s a Great Depression Redux so Skip to the Loo, I’m starving.
Feeling duped in a soup line bustling with martians and carnys

So forgive me if I skip the after-work boozing and whoring, I got
Better ways to kill time than spawning
another generation of orphans

I’d rather create a moment, a slice of perfection frozen –
as jarring as an earthquake, as calming as the oceans.

Feel me::

I spend my money on crap and end up funding terrorists
masquerading as legal governments sanctioned by Bilderbirg cads

And everything printed in popular media is lies filtered and molded
To keep the population distracted and unmotivated to improve their
stifled existences

This is where we say NOT ME!
I won’t be drowned in the monopoly.
I won’t go down with the ship.  I will learn to swim.  Fuck it.
I’ll grow gills and flippers and become the baddest fish in the ocean.
A killer whale killer shark octopus catfish with wings.
I will evolve into an intrepid creature of light and energy,
A monster of positivity bent on lifting my fellow lion hearts from the trenches.

They think they own us.  But we are the uncharted waters.
We are the invisible threat of undertow, the deepest ocean currents,
The bloodstream of the earth.  It is our movements that keep the moon in orbit.
It is our energy that spins this great globe, and it is our love that brought the sun
To that one perfect point in the universe to perpetuate our life.
As long as we stay in touch with this relationship, as long as we keep
Communication lines open, the balance will maintain.
I will take my gloves off if you will hold my hands and we can
Stand up together.


About brokeMC

Artist: Graphic Design, Audio Production, Photo and Film Production and Editing, Painting, Writing, and all other manner of creative indulgence. and my moonwalk is ill.
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